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Relieve your pain. Regain your active life

When you are injured and in pain, nothing seems right. You can’t do the things you want or need to do, and all you want is relief.

At Suburban Physical Therapy, you’ll benefit from our 12 decades of combined experience treating all kinds of physical injuries and conditions. You’ll also find something rare in today’s healthcare –– a high level of personalized, hands-on physical therapy care and exceptional results that can only come from skill and experience because we focus on one patient at a time.

Physical pain limits our range of motion and function. Common conditions and injuries like back, joint, neck and shoulder pain, sports injuries, arthritis and osteoporosis, among others, can be quite disabling. At the very least, the pain and discomfort can disrupt your day. Other conditions we treat include migraine headaches, sciatic nerve pain and foot and ankle pain.

You don’t need this kind of nuisance. Get rid of the pain. At Suburban Physical Therapy, we can help you. No matter what type of injury or condition, our specialists can help you find relief from the pain or discomfort that’s bothering you.

Using advanced manual physical therapy techniques and incorporating personalized one-on-one care, our customized programs are focused on getting you a quick and safe remedy for your injuries. You will be back on your feet and ready to return to work, play and sports or engage in your other favorite activities.

Discover for yourself the many ways Suburban Physical Therapy can help you overcome your pain and injury and return to living life the way you want. We offer procedures that include:
• Neck pain relief • Shoulder pain relief • Back pain relief • Lower back pain treatment
• Degenerative disc disease treatment • Disc herniation treatment • Sciatica pain relief
• Total joint replacement therapy • Multiple sclerosis treatment • Parkinson's treatment

Stop in for a visit any time.

We serve the communities of Brecksville and Solon in Cuyahoga County, OH and Twinsburg, Hudson and Macedonia in Summit County, OH. Get relief from pain and regain your active life. Trust Suburban Physical Therapy for personalized, hands-on physical therapy. Call 440.746.1730 in Brecksville or 330.963.2920 in Twinsburg to schedule your appointment. You can also fill out our online Request an Appointment form to schedule your consultation with one of our physical therapist specialists.


Twinsburg Sports Physical Therapy

When you are in need of Twinsburg physical therapy treatment, where do you turn? At Suburban Physical Therapy, we offer a full range of services, including the evaluation and treatment of conditions, diseases and post-operative care – and at a significantly lower price than our hospital competitors. We offer Twinsburg sports physical therapy and our patients see the same physical therapist for every visit, from their initial evaluation to the last appointment. We have the certified, experienced physical therapy specialists in Twinsburg OH that you need to relieve your pain and regain your active life.


Twinsburg Physical Therapy Specialists
With over 12 decades of combined physical therapy experience, you can rest assured that you will receive the high level of personalized, hands-on care you deserve. Pain limits our function and our range of motion, and common injuries and conditions like neck and shoulder pain, back and joint pain, sports injuries, osteoporosis and arthritis, as well as others, can be very disabling. Some other conditions that we treat at Suburban Physical Therapy include migraine headaches, foot and ankle pain and sciatic nerve pain.

Don’t you think that it’s time you get the physical therapy treatment in Twinsburg OH? No matter what type of injury or condition you suffer from, our certified physical therapists can help you find relief from the pain that is bothering you.

We offer procedures that include:

  • Back pain relief
  • Shoulder pain relief
  • Neck pain relief
  • Lower back pain treatment
  • Disc herniation treatment
  • Degenerative disc disease treatment
  • Sciatica pain relief
  • Total joint replacement therapy
  • Multiple sclerosis treatment
  • Parkinson’s treatment


Sports Physical Therapy in Twinsburg OH
We know that you want your life back. You want someone to listen to you when you try to explain where and what hurts. You want:

  • To be pain free
  • To get a good night’s sleep
  • An active and engaged life style
  • Results oriented care
  • Informed path to care and billing
  • Your life back

Twinsburg sports physical therapy is available to athletes of all types and ages. Whether you are a competitive school athlete or a casual athlete, we can help you get out of pain and back to competition safely and quickly.

We provide sports rehabilitation and injury prevention. Our physical therapists’ goal is to facilitate an early return to sports participation. At Suburban Physical Therapy, we work closely with school athletic trainers and others to help get you back into the game.


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If you are ready to get out of pain, we are ready to help. With our certified physical therapists offering a wide range of services, including Twinsburg sports physical therapy, you can have your life back sooner than you might have thought. Call us today to schedule an appointment 330-963-2920.



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