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Solon Rehab After Surgery

Sometimes after surgery, people clap their hands together for a job well done. We here at Suburban Physical Therapy Solon post operative care clinic, we know after surgery is when the work really starts. Our Solon rehab after surgery programs are aimed to help patients make a smooth and full recovery.


Your Choice Facility for Solon Rehab After Surgery

In order to make a true progress and speed up the recovery process after a serious surgery, physical therapy is imperative. Our post operative care clinic in Solon OH focuses on improving your strength, range of motion and maintaining your self-esteem.

  • Top Team – We give each patient individualized attention during each session at our post surgery clinic in Solon OH. You meet with your licensed physical therapist and they are the one to work with you every time you come in.
  • Individualized Treatment – Each patient has a unique journey after an operation. Some have severe pain, complications and deal with immobility. At Suburban Physical Therapy Solon post surgery clinic, we design a personalized treatment plan to tackle each issue step by step.
    We use a variety of treatments in the best interest of each patient including:
    • Muscle-strengthening exercises
    • Flexibility exercises
    • Balance training
    • Massage
    • Techniques for reducing pain
    • And much more!


Schedule an Appointment with Suburban Physical Therapy Today

Would you like to know more about our Solon rehab after surgery solutions? Contact a member of our staff here at the Suburban Physical Therapy Solon post operative care clinic for a free consultation. Choosing rehab after surgery in Solon OH gives you the skills and strength to for coping after an operation. When you want to make a full recovery, contact Suburban Physical Therapy!